Psalms (Jul 2020-Apr 2021)

Each photo below corresponds to a chapter-a-day post for the book of Psalms published by Tom Vander Well beginning in July 2020. Posts will be added as they are published. Click on the photo linked to each chapter to read the post. Chapter and title are found in the caption of each photo.

Psalm 1: In the Flow of Life

Psalm 2: Refuge in Royally Troubled Times

Psalm 3: Been There, Done That

Psalm 4: David’s “Seven Steps”

Psalm 5: Of Layers and Flow

Psalm 6: “Get it Out, Little Dude”

Psalm 7: The “Why Me?” Blues

Psalm 8: The Honor of Creation

Psalm 9: Running to the Same Stronghold

Psalm 10: The Perplexing Mystery

Psalm 11: Faith or Flight

Psalm 12: Much Needed Affirmation

Psalm 13: The “How Long” Blues

Psalm 14: People-Eaters

Psalm 15: Cutting the Mustard

Psalm 16: “I’ve Got Your Back”

Psalm 17: Just Appeal

Psalm 18: Praise-to-Plea Ratio

Psalm 19: A Good First Step

Psalm 20: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Psalm 21: Oracle

Psalm 22: Prophecy & Professor Trelawney

Psalm 23: The Predicate

Psalm 24: Of Rules and Appetites

Psalm 25: The Disorder Blues

Psalm 26: “If I Really Believe What I Say I Believe…”

Psalm 27: The Feed

Psalm 28: Patterns

Psalm 29: Of Storms and Shelter

Psalm 30: Hope and the Pit

Psalm 31: My Times

Psalm 32: Spiritual Pivot-Point

Psalm 33: Sui Generis

Psalm 34: The Story Behind the Song

Psalm 35: Guernica

Psalm 36: Captive Brain

Psalm 37: The Simple, Complex Mystery

Psalm 38: The “Woe-is-Me” Blues

Psalm 39: “SIT ON IT”
Psalm 40: Eye Opening

Psalm 41: Betrayal

Psalm 42: Of Corruption and Cravings

Psalm 43: Chain Reaction of Praise

Psalm 44: The “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” Blues

Psalm 45: Love Song

Psalm 46: Refuge Within

Psalm 47: King of the Mountain

Psalm 48: Thin Places

Psalm 49: Wisdom and Winnowing

Psalm 50: The Religion Game

Psalm 51: A Psalm 51 Moment

Psalm 52: The Impotence to Respond

Psalm 53: Same Song, Only Different

Psalm 54: Prayer of Desperation

Psalm 55: Lament (and Parenting)

Psalm 56: Fear Response

Psalm 57: Highest Authority

Psalm 58: Getting it Out

Psalm 59: Surrounded and Slandered

Psalm 60: The “Bitter Defeat Blues”

Psalm 61: Postcard Promises

Psalm 62: The Mystery of the Missing Word

Psalm 63: The Nightwatch

Psalm 64: Unraveling

Psalm 65: Muted by 2020

Psalm 66: That Story is My Story

Psalm 67: Voices on the Whispering Wind

Psalm 68: Journey

Psalm 69: One Song, Two Stories

Psalm 70: “HELP!”

Psalm 71: Unseen Choices

Psalm 72: The Day the Music Died

Psalm 73: Envy: The “Pretty” Sin

Psalm 74: Child-like Feelings, Child-like Faith

Psalm 75: Beginning the End of a Shaky Year

Psalm 76: “It’s a Miracle!” (or Not)

Psalm 77: The One Thing I Always Fail to See

Psalm 78: Epic Wisdom

Psalm 79: Devastation, Dinosaurs, and Spiritual Development

Psalm 80: Meaning in the Metaphor

Psalm 81: The Mystery of the Voice

Psalm 82: Questions of Justice

Psalm 83: Fight Song

Psalm 84: My Heart’s Highway

Psalm 85: Stop, and Listen

Psalm 86: “Consider it Joy” (Again)

Psalm 87: “Centering Down”

Psalm 88: Dark Places

Psalm 89: Rug Pulling Moments

Psalm 90: My First Lesson in Time Management

Psalm 91: An Autopsy of My Fears

Psalm 92: Rest Sans Rule Keeping

Psalm 93: Faith in the Fire

Psalm 94: “Just the Way it Works”

Psalm 95: A Rocky Start

Psalm 96: New

Psalm 97: Macro and Micro

Psalm 98: Connected

Psalm 99: That’s Qadosh

Psalm 100: A Time to Shout!

Psalm 101: More Than Words

Psalm 102: “God is Grape”

Psalm 103: My Inmost Being

Psalm 104: Creation Contemplation

Psalm 105: Tribal Stories and Ballads

Psalm 106: Holy Moments in the Dark

Psalm 107: Exilic Reflections

Psalm 108: Of Change and Health

Psalm 109: Betrayed

Psalm 110: Geeking Out on the Great Story

Psalm 111: Simple Songs of a Child

Psalm 112: The Person I Want to Be

Psalm 113: Life is a Psalm

Psalm 114: Division

Psalm 115: Dominion

Psalm 116: Brooding

Psalm 117: Of Voices & Family

Psalm 118: Music, Ritual, and Meaning

Psalm 119: The Tension

Psalm 120: Songs with Purpose

Psalm 121: Songs of Assurance

Psalm 122: Human Systems

Psalm 123: Songs for Different Seasons

Psalm 124: Of Traditions

Psalm 125: Lessons in the Landscape

Psalm 126: Of Rubble and Restoration

Psalm 127: Gift, Not Reward
Psalm 128: “L’chaim!”

Psalm 129: Every Tribe and Tongue

Psalm 130: Cancelled! (Not)

Psalm 131: Finding Contentment

Psalm 132: Things I Don’t Control

Psalm 133: Body

Psalm 134: Call and Response

Psalm 135: Weekend Treasure

Psalm 136: The Song and the Story

Psalm 137: Old Wounds Die Hard

Psalm 138: One Song, Two Levels

Psalm 139: Judicial Realizations

Psalm 140: Ruminating

Psalm 141: About Knowing

Psalm 142: Prison Blues

Psalm 143: Good Morning
Psalm 144: A Tale of Two Kings

Psalm 145: “King of My Castle”

Psalm 146: Holy Moment

Psalm 147: Exile and Return

Psalm 148: Strength in Praise

Psalm 149: Bookends of Praise

Psalm 150: Just Breathe

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