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Chapter-a-Day 1 Kings 12

From chaos to creation. Rehoboam turned a deaf ear to the people. God was behind all this, confirming the message that he had given to Jeroboam son of Nebat through Ahijah of Shiloh. 1 Kings 12:15 (MSG)

There are many waypoints along the journey where I stand and wonder, "Why?"

Why did that have to happen?
Why do my prayers seem to fall on deaf ears?
Why would God allow that?
Why does it seem so easy for others and so difficult for me?
Why not me?
Why does this have to be so hard?

I stand and wonder. Then, I glance back on the broken threads of my life. My foolish decisions, my blatant disobedience, my ignorance, my stubborn pride not to mention the tragic events, painful actions of others, and random circumstances that resided outside of my control. I look back at the chaos surrounding them and, what seemed at the time, the seeming senselessness of it all. But I also see how God wove those broken threads together with His grace, mercy, purpose, and goodness so that a beautiful tapestry began to emerge. We begin to see, like in today's chapter, God is behind all this.

Chaos to creation. The paradigm of Genesis is revealed in each of us as God takes that which is formless and void and fashions a new creation, that in the end His ultimate purpose is revealed.

"He who was seated on the throne said, 'I am making everything new!'" Revelation 21:5

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Chapter-a-Day Exodus 24

O'hare nightmares.

Then Moses climbed the mountain. The Cloud covered the mountain. The Glory of God settled over Mount Sinai. The Cloud covered it for six days. On the seventh day he called out of the Cloud to Moses. Exodus 24:15-16 (MSG)

Wendy and I made our way back from the east coast yesterday. We'd been there for four days on business and we were tired. We'd already extended our stay by a day. United gouged us on price for changing our itinerary.  Then, it was just one of those days. I spilled scalding hot coffee on myself. Wendy left her iPod on the plane. We had to scurry around the bowels of O'Hare airport to file a lost article report. The more tired we felt, the more impatient we got.

Upon reflection, it is still a wonder that we could wake up looking over the Atlantic ocean and walk through our back door, fourteen hundred miiles away, in a matter of a few hours. How discontent, how impatient we've become.

I found it interesting that for all the pomp and fireworks on the mountain, God did not call out to Moses for seven days, and Moses was up there on the mountain for forty days and nights. I can't imagine how impatient people got waiting for him to come down.

Today, I'm reminded that God exists and operates beyond linear human timelines. His purposes are far greater than my modern day impatience, lack of contentment, and petty demands. God, help me let go of my self-centered impatience, and find rest in your perfect will.

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Chapter-a-Day Psalm 131

Still waiting. Wait, Israel, for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always! Psalm 131:3 (MSG)

Waiting is a character-producing activity. Even calling the task of waiting an activity seems oxymoronic. Waiting feels like doing nothing. Waiting feels like wasted time.

Still, I'm reminded by the lyrics of today's chapter that my waiting is not void of direction, purpose or activity. I'm to learn contentment as I cool it. I'm to hope while I'm on hold.

[sigh] Man, waiting is hard work.

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