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Tom’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 29

If you could make a film of any book never produced as a film, what book would you pick?

Cover of "Fraternity of the Stone"
Cover of Fraternity of the Stone

David Morrell’s The Fraternity of the Stone. I believe a very loose (as in not at all like the book) adaptation was made at one point, but I would love to see the novel made into a movie as written. The story is of an ex-assassin who has given up the life and sought redemption for his soul in an extreme monastic order. Years pass by and the man’s enemies eventually track him down. A hit is ordered on the entire monastery in order to assure that he is killed, but by chance (or was it diving providence?) the man survives. He is motivated to find out who did this and avenge the death of his brethren, but it requires him to return to the life of violence he swore to leave.  Lots of great action, espionage and spiritual dilemma’s in this one.

Tom’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 8

If you were on trial and someone you know (who is not an attorney) had to act as your legal representative, who would you want to defend you?

If it please the court:

What is really cool about this question is that I have several people that I could and would call upon. I had fun thinking about my many friends and acquaintances and considering their many positive qualities. No doubt I could put together an impressive amateur legal team. I had to think about the right mix of qualities that this person would need to have to be a good legal representative. The person I think who best exemplies that necessary mix would be my friend Chad.

Chad has that intangible quality that experience has led me to believe he could, and likely would, succeed at almost anything he set his heart and mind to accomplish. He’s intelligent and a quick learner. He presents himself well and would be articulate, easily building rapport with the judge and jury. I also see in Chad the necessary ability to feel empathy and compassion deeply while holding those feelings in check when there’s a battle to be fought and the need to focus on the immediate need.

Underneath all that, he’s a good friend and I know he’d have my back and take the responsbility very seriously.

Tom’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 5

Torso- Navy Blue
Image by ir0cko via Flickr

If you had to choose the color that describes you most accurately, what would it be?

I am navy blue.

Not flashy, but deep, solid, cool, faithful and resiliant. Blue like jazz. Able to pair well with, and compliment, a plethora of other colors while still being able to stand well on its own and improvise in need.

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Tom’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 3

If you could inherit a comfortable home in any city in the world that you could use
but not sell, where would you want it to be?

As I ponder this question, there are a lot of cities that I think I would like to have a home, but I don’t know for sure because I’ve never been there: Rome, Paris, Tuscany, Vienna, Sydney, and Amsterdam to name a few. But, after visiting a few years ago, I know that I would love to have a home in London.

There’s the National Gallery, concerts at St. Martin in the Fields, along with shows at Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre and the West End. Not to mention a seemingly limitless supply of great pubs.


Day 4: What Do You Wear To Bed?

Thanks to alert reader becomingellipsismark for noticing that Day 4 was missing. I’d written it, but saved it as a draft rather than publishing it!

30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 4: What Do You Wear to Bed?

Out of respect for my wife and my mother I did not post a picture of the surfer monkey pair, the Batman pair, or the Superman pair with the “S” logo front and center. (You’re welcome)

Day 5: List 5 Things that Irritate You About the Same Sex/Opposite Sex

Sex symbols
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30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 5: List five things that irritate you about the same sex and the opposite sex.

Five things that irritate me about men:
1. Having a conversational vocabulary that begins and ends with SportsCenter.
2. In inability to perceive and embrace our true strength.
3. Our general fear that other men might not accept us and our women might not love us.
4. Our general inability to teach our sons to be honorable men and bless them.
5. The fact that no matter how old we get, we still tend to be playing “king-of-the-mountain.”

Five things that irritate me about women:
1. Stiletto heels worn to baseball games.
2. The inability to perceive and embrace their true beauty.
3. The silent, nearly invisible world in which women try, judge, and execute one another.
4. The tendency to cope with big life issues by trying to control little household issues.
5. Saying “I don’t care. You decide,” then immediately criticizing or vetoing the decision.

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Day 2: How Have You Changed in the Past Two Years?

Changing Seasons for All of Us

How interesting that this question should come up on my 30 day blogging challenge right after blogging on Numbers 27. The past two years have been a radical change in seasons for me. I’ve transitioned from father to father-in-law. I’ve moved from full time dad to empty nester. I spent most of my adult life enjoying and being the guest of my parents at the Playhouse, and now I am the responsible owner and host. Those are major transitions.

So how has it changed me? I feel that some things are still in the process of transformation. It’s hard to know the subtle movements that happen in a short period of time. Some things only gain clarity with time. Still, I feel like the biggest change has been my perspective. I’m seeing the bigger picture of life with increasing and improved focus. I feel more patient and don’t get as anxious and rattled about the little things. I take myself far less seriously. I like to think that I love more deeply and extend others more grace, though that may simply be more hope than reality.