Day 2: How Have You Changed in the Past Two Years?

Changing Seasons for All of Us

How interesting that this question should come up on my 30 day blogging challenge right after blogging on Numbers 27. The past two years have been a radical change in seasons for me. I’ve transitioned from father to father-in-law. I’ve moved from full time dad to empty nester. I spent most of my adult life enjoying and being the guest of my parents at the Playhouse, and now I am the responsible owner and host. Those are major transitions.

So how has it changed me? I feel that some things are still in the process of transformation. It’s hard to know the subtle movements that happen in a short period of time. Some things only gain clarity with time. Still, I feel like the biggest change has been my perspective. I’m seeing the bigger picture of life with increasing and improved focus. I feel more patient and don’t get as anxious and rattled about the little things. I take myself far less seriously. I like to think that I love more deeply and extend others more grace, though that may simply be more hope than reality.

8 thoughts on “Day 2: How Have You Changed in the Past Two Years?”

  1. I think many of us are simply strapped in and hanging on in this recession.

    I’ve changed a lot, and (yay!) for the better in the past two years, mostly by finally giving up the exhausting attempts to rescue my alcoholic mother who is now (safely) in a nursing home. My second book is out and we’ll know this month if it’s turning into a CBS pilot. So my confidence is also way up. It’s been a good two years.

    1. So you’re waiting for Guffman too! Nice. First of all, I applaud you for moving forward with regard to your mother. I bet that was a huge step, and I imagine the journey to making that step would make a book in and of itself.

      Next, congratulations on the book and all the best on getting the pilot. I just finished the first draft of my 2nd play and had a table reading which revealed lots of necessary rework. It is a process, isn’t it?

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