Chapter-a-Day Daniel 7

A child with a road map. "And there it ended. I, Daniel, was in shock. I was like a man who had seen a ghost. But I kept it all to myself." Daniel 7:28 (MSG)

Children see and perceive things through the limited lens of their knowledge and experience. There are certain things that they simply cannot grasp or understand. At the same time, children possess a simple, abundant faith that tends to fade with time in direct proportion to the increase of knowledge and experience.

"Get your coat on. Get in the car. I'm taking you somewhere special," I said to my daughters when they were small. They did not know the destination, how to drive the car, nor which streets to take. They simply trusted me to get them to that special place. When we arrived at the amusement park, toy store, or donut shop they finally understood where I was taking them.

I have studied the prophetic writings of scripture numerous times. I have read books, listened to lectures, engaged in debates and meditated on the passages in an effort to wrap my mind around the images and their metaphorical meanings.

In the end, I find myself standing before the prophetic writings like a two-year-old holding a road map. For the life of me I can't completely grasp or understand their message. I kind of get it, but a clear understanding constantly eludes me. Nevertheless, I do have simple faith in my Heavenly Father who has said to me, "Pick up your cross and follow me. I'm taking you someplace special."

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Daniel 7”

  1. Then a human heart was placed in it.
    This dream has so many different unique aspects to it, yet the verse that struck me is listed above. Scripture specifically mentions a human heart. It could have said the heart of an animal, the heart of a lion, etc, etc. I’m not sure why a human heart is listed, except that the human heart (and mind) can love like no other being. Is that why? I don’t know, but I found it of interest today.

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