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What I Really Need More of: Contentment

Double big gulp
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Just as Death and Destruction are never satisfied,
    so human desire is never satisfied.
Proverbs 27:20 (NLT)

When I was a kid growing up in Des Moines, the local DX gas station just a few blocks from our house was converted into a 7-11 store. I would ride my bike to the 7-11 to purchase pop and candy. I remember when the “Big Gulp” made its debut. Pop came in small, medium, large and then they introduced the 32 oz grand-daddy of them all. I loved getting my Big Gulp and showing my bicycling prowess by riding hands-free back home while holding my ginormous drink.

Go into a 7-11 today and I find that the Big Gulp is now the smallest option. You can get the Super Big Gulp or the Double Big Gulp. What a great word picture for where we are as a culture.

I find that contentment is both elusive and ignored in our society. You will hear precious few sermons about contentment from pulpits on Sunday. Even our churches are driven by the “bigger is better” paradigm in this age of “Mega-churches.” Our economic system is based on lack of contentment driving non-stop desire which drives the market with consumers wanting more, better, faster, cooler, and bigger. Bigger is better. More is better. You can never have enough.

As a result I find myself overfed, overstimulated, oversold, overstressed, over scheduled, inundated, and indebted. The merry-go-round is spinning out of control and I am in desperate need to get off.

Extracting ourselves from the spinning, out-of-control ride of life begins with a pesky little character quality called contentment.