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July Fun at the Lake

Wendy and I got to spend some time at the lake in late June and early July. We were joined by our friends Kev & Beck and their kids for the weekend before the 4th of July. We enjoyed all of the normal summer fun with trips to Bear Bottom and the Red Head. We also enjoyed visiting friends David and Lola who have a place on the lake, as well. Kev, Beck and the kids had to take off on the afternoon of the 4th, but we were able to enjoy fireworks from Captain Ron’s together on the evening of the 3rd. Always lots of fun with that crew.

Wendy and I worked remotely from the lake that week and then enjoyed a weekend visit from Matthew and Sarah. We packed our two days together with dinner at Captain Ron’s, laying out on the chill raft, steaks on the grill, a trip to Bear Bottom, lots of conversation, and a movie night watching The Shack.


4th of July Weekend 2011

Old Glory flies from the Hall’s front porch.

Wendy and I picked up Grandma Vander Hart headed to Boone for a 4th of July cookout at the Hall’s yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and while the family gathering was much smaller than it might have been considering the size of Wendy’s clan, we had great food and a lazy afternoon of pleasant conversation.

That capped off a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Wendy and I enjoyed some rest on Friday night and Saturday, watching Wimbledon together and remembering our visit there a few years ago. We went to a matinee movie, something we rarely do these days. We went to see Green Lantern with extremely low expectations and were pleasantly surprised that a silly movie based on a comic book prompted such great conversation about the themes of love, will, and fear which carried on through the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday night we enjoyed a wonderful date night dinner out with the VL’s. After spending a week together in June with every meal dominated by the chaos of three families and four young children, we blissfully enjoyed a quiet dinner with adult conversation. We even got to extend the conversation back at our house for a dessert of chocolate lava cake and a wonderful Bordeaux. Mmmmmmmm.

I played bass in worship on Sunday morning which was a blast. I haven’t been playing as regularly with our crazy summer schedule, and the drummer pointed out that my fingers needed to limber up. Nevertheless, the joy of playing with the worship team and being part of the music never gets old for me.

We then headed to Des Moines to meet up with Tim & Kumi and Taylor & Clayton for lunch at Court Avenue Brewing company. More great food and pleasant conversation as we celebrated Taylor’s impending 21st birthday (more about that tomorrow).

How blessed to have a weekend full of people and experiences we love and appreciate most in life wrapped around a celebration of the freedom and sacrifice that made it possible.

Chapter-a-Day Numbers 10

The flag of the camp of Judah led the way, rank after rank under the command of Nahshon son of Amminadab. Numbers 10:14 (MSG)

Tower of Power sings one of the best funk songs I’ve ever heard, and one of my all time favorites. The lyric of the chorus goes:

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.
It may be a different age, but I’m on the same page.”

I’m humming those lyrics this morning as I read today’s chapter. It continually strikes me how these ancient stories remind me that, in some ways, things haven’t changed that much. I picture all of the people gathered together under their flag. The trumpets blow and tribes march out.

What were we doing yesterday on the 4th of July? Gathered under our flag listening to the trumpets and marching out in parade.

Change is constant, and yet some things never change. Life is spent developing the discernment required to accept the things we cannot change, find contentment within the never ending changes we cannot control, and seek courage in changing the things we can.

And, it doesn’t matter what I been through…. I’ll still be diggin’ on James Brown.