Chapter-a-Day Leviticus 3

“All the fat belongs to God. This is the fixed rule down through the generations, wherever you happen to live: Don’t eat the fat; don’t eat the blood. None of it.”  Leviticus 3:16-17 (MSG)

Many years ago I had a traffic accident and suddenly found myself without a car for a short period of time. A compassionate neighbor offered to let me have one of his cars while mine was in the shop. It was a kind gesture, but I was rather surprised when he handed me the keys of his new luxury sedan. He had a couple of older vehicles he could have given me, but he gave me the best he had to give. I was humbled and grateful. I’ve never forgotten his extravagant generosity.

In acient days, when Leviticus was given as the law, the “fat” of an animal was considered the very best part. When setting up the sacrificial system, God clearly wanted to the people to cheerfully and freely give the best portion of a pure animal to God. While the sacrificial system is difficult for us to wrap our cultural minds around, the word pictures given within the system are just as relevant for us today.

When we give to God, when we give to others, are our hearts open to giving the best we have to give? Or, do we hoard the best for ourselves and parcel out what’s left if we’re forced to do so? It is really a litmus test which reaveals the condition of our hearts. Can we let go of the temporal, material things of this world, or are we clinging on to to things for dear life, and so revealing where we find our treasure?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and andreiz

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Leviticus 3”

  1. I have a unique perspective when reading this passage. My first job out of college was for IBP, a pork and beef processing company. As part of my training, I spent considerable time in packing plants, both beef and pork, observing the deconstruction process and learning the product that I would be selling. These verses describe the visceral and internal fat of animals that was used for a “fire offering”. There is alot of it, and it’s pretty nasty. Yet God’s instruction was to use the whole offering, including these unusable parts for His glory. We all have pieces of our daily lives that we would consider “unusable” to God, yet I am reminded today that we are asked to give EVERYTHING to Him. I will try to do better at that today.

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