King for a Day

A friend asked me on Friday what I was going to do on my Birthday. I shrugged my shoulder and said I didn’t know. It’s been a long week at work, and our evenings have been spent working on the house. Our old house has desperately needed new siding for the past few years, and the project started this week. Wendy and I have spent our evenings painting (and re-painting….long story) siding in the garage and on the scaffold.

Old cedar siding gets pulled off of the east side of the house.
West side of the house with new siding. It Looks GREAT!

So, on a beautiful Spring day that should have been spent working hard on the siding and some other household projects, Wendy told me to take a pass. We had a leisurely morning reading the Wall Street Journal at Smokey Row over coffee and one of my favorites, a cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting! We headed home and enjoyed lunch together as we finished watching the Royal Wedding, which we’d begun the night before.

While Wendy busied herself in the kitchen all afternoon preparing my Birthday dinner, the early afternoon was blissfully spent as a couch potato (with Wendy bringing me treats). The day was too gorgeous to stay inside, however, so after a light workout and practicing my bass, we headed for a walk to view the tulips in the Scholte Gardens. It looks as though the tulips will be peaking just in time for Tulip Time next weekend!

The pinnacle of the day came with my candlelit birthday dinner. We uncorked a bottle of our favorite wine, a 2009 Warburn Estates Shiraz. Wendy made my favorite: Italian fried chicken with a loaf of freshly made Italian bread. She tried out a new recipe of homemade seasoned potato fries which was awesome. For dessert it was double layer chocolate cake topped with whipped cream. I finished the meal off with an apartif of chilled Green Chartreuse.

Knowing that she married a kid at heart, Wendy got me a new baseball video game for my birthday and we spent the rest of the evening playing each other which produced a lot of laughter. Wendy observed that video games, with all of their buttons and joysticks, are the only thing in life in which men are better at multi-tasking than women 🙂

As calls came in from friends and family with birthday wishes, I told them that Wendy made me feel like King for a day. That was the best gift of all.

3 thoughts on “King for a Day”

  1. Happy birthday Tom! I’m glad that you had a great birthday weekend, and look forward to another year of great posts from you!

    Best wishes,


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