Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 13

When Judah looked back, they saw they were attacked front and back. They prayed desperately to God…. 2 Chronicles 13:14a (MSG)

While in college, I was in a fairly scary car accident. To this day, I remember the split seconds just before impact as if they were hours. Spinning out of control on the icy street and seeing the headlights of oncoming traffic there was no time for conscious thought. Instinct took over. I cried out to God. I screamed the name of Jesus, not as profane exclamation, but as a desperate plea. 

Prayer is instinctive in times of crisis.

Even for those who have little or no faith, I believe there is an innate reaction woven into our spirits at creation which leads us to cry to God in moments of desperation.

It is in the mundane plodding through everyday existence that the instinctive call to commune with God through prayer gets buried by the profusion of ever and increasing interruptions. Today, I’m asking myself how I can maintain a spirit of desperation for God in the midst of the myriad of things vying for my attention.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and ro_buck

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