Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 12

King Rehoboam regrouped and reestablished his rule in Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 12:13 (MSG)

I’ve come to believe that there are two great lies that trip most people up spiritually. The first great lie is that we earn God’s favor and salvation by being good and doing good works. The second great lie is that our personal shortcomings are too great, therefore God will never forgive us.

Everyone wanders off on wrong paths at some point in the journey. Even God’s message says we’ve all gone astray and one stray path makes us just as guilty as the next.

I was reminded by Rehoboam’s story today that we all need to “regroup” and “reestablish” from time to time. It’s the way of things. God’s love, forgiveness and mercy are boundless no matter how badly we’ve strayed.

We simply have to return to Him.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and rcktfld

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