The Latest 04-10-2016

Production week has arrived for Almost, Maine. We open this coming Thursday and will run through Sunday. That means we have been in rehearsals almost every evening. This show has had the longest rehearsal period I’ve ever experienced with a show (it was cast before Christmas). I am ready to be done with the rehearsals and get it in front of an audience!

The long rehearsal period notwithstanding, this show has been wonderful to experience. The cast of seven mature and talented actors have been a joy to work with. People show up on time ready to work. People do what the Director asks. The administration of the show has been professional, well planned, and flawlessly carried out. Our director has challenged, taught, prodded, and pulled out the best in all of us. It’s been a joy. Hope those of you who live in the Iowa area can make it Apr 14-17. Tickets and information can be found online by clicking here.

The Latest 04 10 2016 - 5Our lives the past few weeks have been centered around the show, so I’m afraid there’s not a ton much else to share. We are, of course, excited about the opening of baseball season. It has become a tradition here at Vander Well Manor to don our Cubbies gear, cook up some ball park food, and watch the first game of the season. This year was a bit problematic as the Cubs opened against Anaheim in California and the game started at 9:00 p.m.! We were, however, undaunted. Kevin and Linda walked over from across the street to join us in the celebration. They headed home about 10:30. Wendy and I watched the rest of the game in bed. Well, I watched. Wendy fell asleep. I struggled to stay awake and finish scoring the game at 12:17 a.m. Happy to say Cubs are off to a good start this year. The “W” flag is flying once again at VW Manor!

National Players at the Pella Opera House

This past week we went to a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Pella Opera House. National Players is the oldest touring company in the United States and this is the second year that they’ve stopped in Pella. They typically do a Shakespeare in the morning for schools and then a different classic in the evening for general audiences. It was a fantastic show. If you ever get a chance to see a National Players tour near you, you should.

Last weekend we helped host a farewell party for our friends Pat and Peg Moriarity. Pat and Peg have been integral parts of our local community theatre and we’ve been involved in countless productions with them. They have retired and are moving to Arkansas to be near grandkids. It was fun to have the theatre community together to wish them well. I put together a photo collage from my photo archives and USP had it printed, matted, and framed for them. It’s sad to see them go, and it’s a great loss for USP.

madison with the LG crew
Madison with her crew at Laura Geller.

Madison is settling in down in South Carolina. She’s been avidly putting together her apartment and getting to know the area. She is a training specialist for Laura Geller cosmetics. She travels to different stores to train their reps on the product, so she’s on the road around South Carolina a fair amount. At the same time, she’s loving having a set schedule and not putting in the crazy hours of a flight attendant. Prayers continue for her to find and establish a good community of friends there. She plans to be back in Pella for Tulip Time!

Taylor continues the job search. Applications and resumes continue to spread out across the nation. She applied for a couple of jobs in Portland and would love to be out in Portlandia if anything would open up. She has gotten an interview or two, but it continues to be a long haul for her. In the meantime she’s nannying for young Joel and continuing her life at the Catholic worker in Des Moines. She’s also working on a media project with people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. We can’t to see her this weekend when she comes to town with friends for a wedding and to see Almost, Maine.


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