Family Get Together at the Lake

It’s been an enjoyable week at the lake. Wendy and I headed down last Sunday to meet my folks, my sister Jody, along with our niece Emma and her friend Melissa. Our guests spent the early part of the week with us and left for home mid-day Wednesday.

It’s been a memorable year for my folks. Late last summer my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Then, in January, my dad was diagnosed with cancer (multiple myeloma). They sold their townhouse last month and moved into an apartment in a local retirement community. Needless to say it’s been an eventful and stressful few weeks for them. They are still in the midst of unpacking and a few days at the Playhouse were just what the doctor ordered to provide them with some much needed R&R.

It’s been a rainy year at the lake thus far. Until this week I don’t believe that Wendy and I have experienced a day without rain here at the Playhouse. Fortunately, we had some very nice weather for the first few days. We enjoyed some boat rides and a lot of time on the dock in the sun. I took Jody out skiing early on Tuesday and she got up on one ski without a hitch. Not bad for a quintagenarian! We also rented a paddle board and enjoyed tooling around the back of the bay with it.

It was a special time with the folks. For so many years they hosted family and friends here at lake and provided for so many memories and special times. Wendy and I are so excited that we can return the favor and allow them to enjoy some time together at this special place. Dad was kind enough to pitch in and help with a few chores. Mom

As always, family meals were a high point of our time together, and we enjoyed playing cards in the evening together. The time passed far too quickly, but that seems to be the case here at the lake.

Wendy and I are looking forward to some quiet time together before heading home on Saturday.

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