Vander Well Update

So, we’re a few days shy of two weeks in the new digs. Everyone is asking me how things are going. After the first few days of complete and utter shell shock, we are loving the new house and feeling extremely grateful. Life in the new house has quickly fallen into what I consider to be three distinct types of living “zones:”

Zone 1: This space has to be relatively set up and have a semblance of order for me to sanely function (Like my home office):


Zone 2: This space is functional, but may be relatively messy and you might have to still hunt through a box or two to find what you need. About 80% of the house is still Zone 2, like the Great Room in the basement where you can watch television, play a game, or watch a movie, but you’ll have to dig through three or four boxes of DVDs to find the movie you want to watch.

great room basement

Zone 3: I don’t even want to think about Zone 3.

storageBut, we are getting back to normal life and that has been fun. It has helped that the past week has been GORGEOUS spring weather with sun and temps in the 60s (and even touching low 70s).

In other news:

  • TaylorTaylor is deep in the 2nd semester of her Master’s program at the University of Edinburg, Scotland. She works a couple of days a week at Steampunk Coffee and is doing an internship for the contemporary art museum in Inverleith House in the middle of the Royal Botanical Gardens. She recently nailed down an internship (which will serve as the study for her Master’s dissertation) with Art in Healthcare, which sources and places an impressive collection of artwork in healthcare environments across Scotland. She will be finishing her dissertation and returning to the States in late summer. Yes, Wendy and I plan on visiting her but have not set a date. Likely May/June time frame.
  • MadisonMadison is back in classes at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs after a short respite. She will finish her degree in Communication in the next semester or two. She continues to love Colorado and can often be found hanging out at Peak Place Coffee. When not in school she’s a flight attendant for Sky West Airlines and serves mostly on regional flights for United Express. She’s also running Madison Kate Cleaning on the side and putting in some time in sales and training with DermaDoctor. Goodness, I don’t know how she does it all.
  • Suzanna as AnneSuzanna, Wendy’s youngest sibling, is still living with us. The weekend of our move she starred on the local stage as the lead in Anne of Green Gables. It was a three hour production in which she had the lion’s share of the lines, was on stage most of the show, and had just short of 6 million costume changes. Suzanna is working days at Total Choice Shipping and a few nights a week at Kaldera. She is saving for college and intends to head off to Hawkeye Community College in the fall with a plan to transfer to UNI to be a theatre major.
  • Wendy and I have been pretty focused on the move, but finding time to continue positions on the Board of Union Street Players. I’ve been teaching a Wednesday night class and have been delivering messages on Sunday mornings every 4-6 weeks or so.
  • My dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma this past month which has been scary for all of us, but we have been assured that it is perfectly treatable, he is in relatively good health, and he will begin treatment as soon as possible. Meanwhile, mom feels like her Alzheimer’s meds are helping her and is still considered to be in the early stages. We really enjoyed having them visit this past weekend.
  • Wendy and I make our first trip of 2015 to the lake next week, baseball has been seen on our tv screens, and we grilled hamburgers last night, which means summer can’t be far off!

2 thoughts on “Vander Well Update”

  1. My husband’s father had multiple myeloma. It was back in ’92. I will certainly keep him, your mom, and the rest of you in my prayers. These are tough parental concerns.

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