Chapter-a-Day Exodus 23

"Bring the choice first produce of the year to the house of your God." Exodus 23:19a (MSG)

It's good for me to regularly contemplate who, or what, is getting the "choice first produce" of my life.  I think about my time, my energy, my income, and my attention. How am I budgeting life? Where is it all going? It's easy for me to immediately think that God is getting my very best, but if you lay out the evidence – what does it say?

Today, I'm taking stock and asking God to help me discern those places in my life where I am not giving Him my best. Then comes the hard part – making the necessary changes.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Exodus 23”

  1. 6 “When there is a dispute concerning your poor, don’t tamper with the justice due them.
    What an interesting political statement. The lesser financially among us don’t get off without justice. They are first of all responsible for themselves. Don’t give them a pass because of their current situation in life. Interesting. The political class today would rather give the poor a pass (and your money) instead of holding them accountable for their own situation. Hummmmm.


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