Weekend Recap

It felt like a strange weekend. Much of it because Wendy was gone most of the day on Saturday. She volunteered at the Pella High Show Choir invitational about a year ago. She had to be at the school at 6:30 a.m. Everyone who knows Wendy knows that she absolutely loooooooved that (not). Madison was working at the Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) weekend retreat, so she wasn't around. I ended up working around the house by myself on Saturday.

Sunday morning, Madison gave a talk to her peers at the retreat. Wendy and I picked up her friend, Meredith, and headed over to First Reformed to pray with Madison and listen to her talk. It brought back memories, as Taylor did a talk like this a year or two ago. Madison did a great job sharing what God had done in her life. We were really proud of her.

Wendy and I worked on the couch last night and watched the Academy Awards, which we enjoyed – though we haven't seen one of the movies nominated for best picture. Oh well.

Getting ready for a long week ahead. I speak at a call center conference in Miami on Wednesday. Wendy and I drive out to Colorado to pick up Taylor late in the week.

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