Chapter-a-Day Psalm 102

Yet you, GOD, are sovereign still, always and ever sovereign. Psalm 102:12 (MSG)

As a child, I remember coming to the realization that my tantrums and emotional protests had no effect on my parents. In fact, they really only served to harden my parents resolve while wearing me out entirely. I stopped wasting my energy and decided to just roll with it. The funny thing was, the less I protested the more my parents seemed to trust and respect me.

I see shades of myself in David's song this morning. He starts the song throwing an emotional tantrum but then stops short as he realizes and respects his eternal Father's sovereignty.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 102”

  1. 1-2 God, listen! Listen to my prayer, listen to the pain in my cries.
    Don’t turn your back on me
    just when I need you so desperately.
    Pay attention! This is a cry for help!
    And hurry—this can’t wait!
    Isn’t this so often our sentiment? God don’t leave me now…I need you worse than ever. God I trust that everything is part of your plan…but hurry up I need you to rescue me on my time table! I know that I have felt this way many times. We glide along on autopilot when things are going great and then urge God to quick come help us when things aren’t going so smoothly. I am striving for consistency on this subject. I want to be in communication with God during good times and bad times. I want to recognize that God needs to be part of my life through ALL circumstances.


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