Taylor-Made Update

Taylor in Romania Thanks to everyone who has supported Taylor on her mission trip, both financially and with loads of prayer support. Thanks to technology, we've been in regular contact through e-mail and Skype. She is well, her attitude is great, and she will be home in four weeks!!

Her team spent the past couple of weeks working in a children's handicapped center. It made for long days. Her team had to walk each day to a taxi stop 15 minutes from where they were staying. It was a 15-20 minute taxi ride to another taxi stop. Then a 30 minute ride to where they were dropped off and a half-hour walk to the handicapped center where they would work from 9-5. Then the long trek back.

Taylor loved working with the children and I spoke to her on Friday night after they'd said good-bye to the little ones. I could feel the heaviness on her heart.

The team has now safely moved to another city. She said that they are in a hotel that is about $12 a night, but the rooms are very small. She said that, between she and her roommate, their luggage fills up all the available floor space in the room (we're talking moderately sized travel backpacks)! I think she's going to consider her bedroom here at home a luxury suite when she gets back to it!

Taylor had some health concerns the past week or so. I think the strange diet has had some ill effects on her digestive system. An ultrasound and other tests showed no significant problems. She was given some meds to help and seems to be doing better. One of the women from the children's center offered to let Taylor stay in her guest room so she could have some rest apart from her team. I think it did her a world of good.

The team will be in the city for a week, then they strap on their backpacks and head into the mountains where they will travel from village to village for a few weeks before heading home.

Thanks again for your prayers! Taylor certainly feels them.

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