Chapter-a-Day Psalms 33

Naked_archaeologistGod takes the wind out of Babel pretense, he shoots down the world’s power-schemesPsalms 33:10 (TM)

Wendy and I were watching The Naked Archaeologist on the History Channel the other day (for conservative Evangelicals: He’s not REALLY naked on the show – you can watch it!). Not only do I love seeing some of the sites I visited in Israel, but I thought Simcha Jacobovici really approaches the archaeological aspects with an open mind. I may not always agree with him, but I love it when head-bloated, closed-minded academics make arrogant, black-and-white pronouncements about what we KNOW could NOT have happened. He’s often quick to point out that we really DON’T KNOW that it didn’t just happen the way the Bible says.

Some days that God must just laugh at us and what we think we know.

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Psalms 33”

  1. Hmmmm…I need to look for this program on the History Channel; it sounds very interesting. Once I started blogging I quit watching so much TV and these days I hardly know what’s on anymore, but this one sounds good.

  2. 10-12 God takes the wind out of Babel pretense,
    he shoots down the world’s power-schemes.
    God’s plan for the world stands up,
    all his designs are made to last.
    Blessed is the country with God for God;
    blessed are the people he’s put in his will.
    This gives me some peace about the world troubles and politics. I can know that God’s will does prevail. He shoots down world power schemes, yet our country needs to worship the true God.

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