Chapter-a-Day Song of Solomon 4

Sheet_musicOh, let my lover enter his garden! Yes, let him eat the fine, ripe fruits. Song of Solomon 4:16b (TM)

It’s interesting to see the "call and response" style of the Song of Solomon.

In the earlier chapter, the woman calls out for her beloved and the man responds. In chapter 4, the man calls to his lover – telling her how beautiful she is, how sweet the curves of her body are, how wonderful her kisses are, how succulent her "fruit" is, and how he longs for her "secret garden."

By the end of the chapter, the woman has heard every word and – turned on by the call of her beloved – she responds by inviting him into her secret garden to feast on her.

The sexual relationship between spouses is a subtle, never-ending call and response. Both are to call – both are to respond. Who does the calling and who does the responding at which points in time is part of the mysterious music of marriage we must all pen for ourselves. We each find our own style, timing, harmony and rhyme. Like movements in a symphony, our call and our response weave in and out of the days, years, and seasons of our lives.

Nevertheless, both call and both respond. When the call is missing, so is the response. When the call is discordent or harsh, the response follows.

Oh Lord, may my call be sweet and melodious to my lover’s ear.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Song of Solomon 4”

  1. Chapter 4 uses great wording to show how all of our senses are involved in our spousal relationships. Scripture describes how things look, feel, smell and sound making the words come alive. When reflecting on this passage, one can almost remember certain instances when we experienced these sensations about our lover. What simple yet lovely pleasures!

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