Chapter-a-Day Psalm 20

David When you win, we plan to raise the roof and lead the parade with our banners. May all your wishes come true! Psalm 20:5 (TM)

One of the things you realize about David as you read through the Psalms is the pervasive nature of his faith. It was never about what he was going to do but what God was going to do. It was never about his victories but about God’s victory. It was never about his strength, but about God’s power.

God, grant me more of David-like faith. Help me see You in every bit of me. Help me acknowledge you in every circumstance.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 20”

  1. 6 That clinches it—help’s coming,
    an answer’s on the way,
    everything’s going to work out.
    Sometimes we need the reminder that everything will be all right. While I love to give gifts, it always comes with stress. I constantly have to balance b/w being a scrooge and enjoying watching my kids open the gifts. This passage today affirms and reminds that God is always in control and supporting us. I am thankful for that.

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