Decorate With Love

DecorationsThe Christmas festivities are almost over. It’s been a long, four-day weekend of gatherings and get-togethers. My waistband is screaming for mercy. My garbage can is overflowing with tissue paper, wrapping paper, boxes and bows.

Wendy decided that she was going to skimp on the decorations this year. There was no great spiritual motivation for this decision. I think it was more about sanity. So, there was no big tree with lights and ornaments – just a little 12 inch tree with no lights and pre-attached red bulbs that we pulled off a shelf in the cellar and stuck on a side table. Then there was the nativity set. That’s it.

Call us Scrooge if  you wish, but the reality is that Christmas came to our house on Monday. From Grandma Vander Hart down to newborn little Sophia we had a house decorated in loved-ones, laughter and love.

And I don’t have to spend hours packing the decorations away!

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