Chapter-a-Day I Timothy 6

Whoever is a slave must make the best of it, giving respect to his
master so that outsiders don’t blame God and our teaching for his
. I Timothy 6:1 (TM)

I’m reminded this morning of a high school teacher of mine who was dismissive of God because the Bible did not specifically speak out against slavery. I have found that there are a lot of specific subjects on which God does not specifically speak. Yet, I don’t think God’s relative silence is because He doesn’t care. The scriptures are not a political platform. They speak to how we, as individuals, are to live our lives in relationship with God and others. When we, as individuals, begin to live out love, mercy, grace, and justice – then social evils tend to get addressed corporately.

God isn’t as intent on changing society as He is on changing me.

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Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and alist

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