Chapter-a-Day Ezekiel 27

God’s Message came to me: "You, son of man, raise a funeral song over
Tyre. Tell Tyre, gateway to the sea, merchant to the world, trader
among the far-off islands, ‘This is what God, the Master, says:
Ezekiel 27:1 (TM)

I’m amazed at how creative God is, and how creative he expects Ezekiel to be in sharing his message. God asked Ezekiel to produce a couple of street theater productions. He’s written allegories and composed a bluesy lament. Now God asks E-z to write another song, this time a funeral song that reads like a sea shanty. Theater, stories, songs…God uses full range of available medium to proclaim the message.

Shouldn’t we be following that example and using every available medium to share The Message of Jesus’ love? Where along the way did we decide that God’s message should be reserved to a handful of songs and a 20-30 minute lecture on Sunday morning?

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