Chapter-a-Day Proverbs 5

For the Lord sees clearly what a man does,           examining every path he takes.
Proverbs 5:21 (NLT)

I can’t the number of times I’ve read through the book of Proverbs. I don’t ever remember, however, catching the contrast that King Sol was making in today’s chapter. He’s just spent a couple of chapters admonishing his son to listen to and follow Lady Wisdom with all of her virtues and rewards. Today he urges his son to avoid Lady Immorality will all of her disastrous consequences. He finishes his opening lesson by reminding his son that the choice is his, and the Lord will see which path he takes.

Once again I find myself mulling over this New Year’s season. It’s a time of reflection, of recalibration, and of renewed focus. I look out in front of me and I see so many choices. So many paths towards so many things. As Solomon points out some paths lead to good things and some paths lead to bad things. But even if I focus on the good things, there are so many good options for my time, attention and energies. That’s where I need Lady Wisdom’s help and discernment along with God’s guidance.

I keep hearing in my brain the old knight templar at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as he says of the dead Nazi who chose the counterfeit grail “He chose poorly,” then as he says to Indy when Indy chooses the real grail “You chose wisely.”

Today, I’m asking God to help me choose my paths wisely.

6 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Proverbs 5”

  1. Strong language in today’s Message. It is a good reminder of the discipline that is required in one very important area of our lives and that God knows not only our actions but also our heart.

  2. May I ask you to pray with me? The secretary of our church was ambulanced to the hospital last night. She had pulmonary edema (water on the lungs), acidosis (acidic blood), and the doctors are concerned about her brain function because when the paramedics reached her home after she fainted while on the phone with 911 she had no pulse. Her name is Cheryl. She’s very close to my family and to everyone at my church who has been there any real length of time. Her vitals are showing signs of improvements but she is still unconscious.

      1. She is beign weaned off of her sedatives. Reacting some to external stimulus, which is a good sign of neural function, but the actual brain function tests have been postponed. Kidneys are experiencing some difficulty. But she’s had some 50+ visitors and many others are praying her as well. We believe that God is in control no matter what happens. As our pastor said yesterday, If she lives, it’s our gain. If she dies, it’s her gain. Thank you for your prayers, Brother.

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