Get the Razor Ready!

Annie opens two weeks from tonight and everyone is asking when I plan to shave my head. I’m thinking it’ll happen over Thanksgiving weekend. Wendy isn’t sure about this.

Me: I think I’ll shave my head over Thanksgiving weekend.
Wendy: [sigh] And, tell me again, why does Daddy Warbucks have to be bald?
Me: Because the comic strip and every one who has ever played Daddy Warbucks has been bald!
Wendy: [sigh] okay.

Rehearsals have been long and rough this week, but two weeks before opening night you expect things to be rough. If everything was ready for an audience you’d be worried you were peaking too early. For now, there are brief moments of brilliance followed by long periods of everything falling apart. But, that gives us plenty to do the next two weeks.

Tickets are selling fast (see for info).

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