Chapter-a-Day 1 Kings 14

"And that's it. Go on home—the minute you step foot in town, the boy will die. Everyone will come to his burial, mourning his death. He is the only one in Jeroboam's family who will get a decent burial; he's the only one for whom God, the God of Israel, has a good word to say." 1 Kings 14:12-13 (MSG)

I was struck by the blunt truth that Ahijah spoke to Jeroboam's wife in today's chapter. Sometime's I think that we avoid speaking plain truth in today's culture.

Instead of telling a child that they've failed the test and need to take the course over again, we pat them on the back and applaud them for doing the best they can. Instead of facing loss, learning from it, and letting it motivate us to improve, we hand everyone a trophy and tell them they are all winners.

God, help me to be obedient and "speak the truth in love."

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 1 Kings 14”

  1. The moment she stepped through the door, the boy died.
    This morning’s scripture spoke to me of fulfilled prophecies. The Bible is full of them. The key to me today: God follows through. I have always been a person who was proud to be a man of my word; to friends, to customers, to my wife and kids. It’s hard to do sometimes, yet I know it’s the right thing. If you say you are going to do something….do it…God does.


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