London Day 3: An Easier Pace

After two days that felt frantic with activity, we decided to spend Friday at an easier pace. Our bus tour tickets were good until noon, so we hopped on near Trafalgar Square and took in many of the sites of London we’d missed the previous day including Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey. We eventually ended up at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where we hopped off.

The replica of Shakespeare’s London Theatre recreates an Elizabethan stage, constructed just as it would have been built in Shakespeare’s time. As you can imagine, Wendy and I enjoyed seeing it. Their season doesn’t start until late April when it’s warmer. In fact, the chill in the wind and air kept us from enjoying it more. It was a sunny day, but the wind of the Thames reminded me of the wind off Lake Michigan in Chicago.

Since our bus tickets were no longer valid, we decided to hoof it back to the apartment. We crossed to the north side of the river where we’d be out of the wind a bit and walked along the embankment. The distance seemed a bit daunting when we took off, but we were back at our flat in no time, where we decided to rest for a bit.

As evening approached, we walked up to Covent Garden, a large open market near the opera house where we’d seen Swan Lake the night before. We did a little browsing, but the merchants were beginning to pack up for the night. We smelled something wonderful and realized it was the falafel stand, so we picked one up and munched on it as we made our way to the Nag’s Head pub.

It was Friday night and London was bustling with people ready for the weekend. The noise inside the Nag’s head was so great that we opted to step outside onto the street with many of the other patrons who’s overflowed into the open. After a drink we walked a few blocks to Belgo Centraal, a Belgian restaurant our friend Mary Jo Sodd recommended. We had an amazing dinner that was complimented by Belgian chocolate desserts. After dinner we headed back towards our flat, stopping at the Lamb & Flag pub, which is the oldest pub in the area. It was truly and old English pub. Once again, the place was packed with patrons. The streets of London are filled with people in the evenings.

Our tummies were full and our legs were tired, so we headed back to the flat and called it a day.


  1. St. Martin in the Fields Church (Royal Family’s Parish)
  2. Houses of Parliament
  3. Big Ben
  4. The Dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral (Where Chuck & Di were hitched)
  5. Horse Guard on duty at the parade grounds
  6. Stage of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  7. Tom & Wendy at The Globe
  8. Wendy & the Sphinx on the Thames (The London Eye is in the background)
  9. Street Performers at Covent Garden Market
  10. Wendy waits for falafel
  11. The Lamb & Flag pub

St. martin in the fields 032009 LR  Houses of parliment 032009 LR  Big ben 032009 LR  Dome of st. pauls 032009 LR  Horse guard at parade grounds 032009 LR  Shakespeare's globe 032109 LR  Tom and wendy at the globe 032009 LR  Wendy & the sphinx on the thames 032009 LR  Covent garden market 032009 LR  Wendy waits for falafel @ covent garden 032009 LR  Lamb & flag 032009 LR

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