Madison Update 7-21-07

I received another phone call from Madison today. She must have been calling from a satellite phone because she was only given a minute or two to talk. She said that she was "in the middle of the rain forest". The village they are working in is very primitive. She reported that their team was overjoyed to find that they actually had a toilet where they were staying. "It’s not a good toilet – you have to pour a lot of water in it to get it to flush – but it’s a toilet". The team has been leading VBS classes for the children in the village during the day and going from hut to hut providing what assistance they can to people.

Madison seemed to be in better spirits today. There was a lot of joy in her voice. The picture is from the Global Expeditions website. I believe this was taken of Madison’s team doing team-building exercises before they left for Costa Rica.

Thanks for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Madison’s safety and that God will do great things in her and through her!

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