Chapter-a-Day Isaiah15

Next. They pour into the streets wearing black, go up on the roofs, take to the town square, Everyone in tears, everyone in grief. Isaiah 15:3 (MSG)

I sat on the dock at the lake with both my parents and my teenage children. It was one of those quiet conversations that don't usually happen in the busy rat-race of everyday life, but in the peaceful tranquility of the lake, they just sort of emerge. I asked my parents about some of the things they'd seen and experienced in their lifetime. They talked about the nation-wide celebration when World War II was over when people poured out of their houses to have an impromptu party in the streets. They talked of the day President Kennedy was assassinated and the shock and horror the nation experienced.

I thought of my own journey. I remembered where I was when President Reagan was shot, when the Challenger exploded, then Columbia. I remembered the day when the twin towers fell.

The depth of human tragedy in Isaiah's prophetic messages are easily lost when we don't make connection to our own experience. For the nations he addresses, the threat of impending seiges waged by invading armies was very real. His message was, and is, sobering. While I don't believe there is much to be gained in preoccupation with tomorrow's potential doomsday, I believe there is wisdom in understanding that the blessing I enjoy today is not guaranteed tomorrow.

Today, I'm taking time to be grateful for all with which I am blessed, and to realize that it could all be tragically gone in the twinkling of an eye. I don't want to take God's blessing and provision for granted.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and quiplash

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Isaiah15”

  1. Gut-wrenching sobs as far as Eglaim,
    heart-racking sobs all the way to Beer-elim.
    I must be gettting old. I watched an incredible basketball game last night that lived up to every expectation. I wanted Butler to win…bad. I’m not a Duke guy. 10 years ago I would have had heart palpitations and extreme frustration over my team not winning. I used to go to Greg, my brother-in-laws games and get so worked up. Yet last night I went to bed and slept quite well after the big loss. I guess I’ve grown up. In the scheme of life a bb game really doesn’t matter. This verse struck me today b/c when a team loses, some of it’s players sob uncontrollably. They worked so hard…put in so much effort….only to fall short. In this Scripture however, people are sobbing for good reason. Complete destruction and death. Most of us in the US haven’t ever experienced anything remotely close to this, so our perspective is a bit swayed. We have come to sob over basketball. What a blessing and what a curse?


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