Memorial Day Weekend 2012

A lot of people asked Wendy and me if we were spending Memorial Day weekend at the lake. The truth of the matter is that holiday weekends get a little crazy at the lake. There are so many people, and we tend to enjoy it more when the lake is quiet and less populated. So, while my folks, my sister, and my niece enjoyed the throngs at the lake, Wendy and I spent a quiet weekend on the home front with hot but beautiful weather.

The weekend afforded me the opportunity to get to work on some landscaping and yard work around our house. Cutting, trimming, mowing, and washing kept me plenty busy. Wendy, meanwhile, continued the long process of reorganizing our basement after the spring waterproofing project.

We did, however, enjoy some fun and social time. On Saturday afternoon we took a break from all the work to walk up to the theater and take in the summer blockbuster The Avengers. We then enjoyed a quiet dinner and evening conversation with friends. Sunday we enjoyed an increasingly rare opportunity to sit and enjoy worship without being responsible for helping with the technical aspects of the service. Sunday evening was a cookout with five families at the VLs.

We worked hard and played hard. A great holiday weekend.

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