Genesis (Sep-Dec 2021)

Each photo below corresponds to the chapter-a-day post for the book of Genesis published by Tom Vander Well from September through December of 2021. Click on the photo linked to each chapter to read the post.

Genesis 1: And So it Begins

Genesis 2: Ezer Kenegdo

Genesis 3: Entering a World of Pain

Genesis 4: In the Land of Nod

Genesis 5: Beneath the Text

Genesis 6: Order>Chaos>Reorder

Genesis 7: Destruction and Redemption

Genesis 8: The Inflection Point of Kindness

Genesis 9: Blood and Covenant

Genesis 10: Passing Notes

Genesis 11: Back to Babel

Genesis 12: The Journey

Genesis 13: “Greener” Grass

Genesis 14: A Sage in the Story

Genesis 15: Santa God

Genesis 16: Namaste God

Genesis 17: The Last Laugh

Genesis 18: Divine Hospitality

Genesis 19: Warning Signs and U-Turns

Genesis 20: Grace and Cancel Culture

Genesis 21: The Other Side of the Valley

Genesis 22: Faith Challenge

Genesis 23: The March of Time

Genesis 24: Wisdom in Knowing the Difference

Genesis 25: Value Judgment

Genesis 26: The Straight Man

Genesis 27: Dysfunctional

Genesis 28: Me and Messy Family

Genesis 29: Chip Off the Ol’ Block

Genesis 30: Flawed Characters

Genesis 31: Letting Go

Genesis 32: Wrestling

Genesis 33: Stuck in a Moment

Genesis 34: “It’s Not Business; It’s Personal”

Genesis 35: Exile and Return

Genesis 36: Connected

Genesis 37: Favoritism

Genesis 38: Different Times, Same Journey

Genesis 39: The Whispers

Genesis 40: Circumstances I Don’t Control

Genesis 41: “I’m Over It!” (or Not)

Genesis 42: Both/And Family

Genesis 43: Generational Impact

Genesis 44: Lessons in the Layers

Chapter 45: God in the “Hevel”

Genesis 46: Knowing and Not Knowing

Chapter 47: Pilgrimage, Pandemic, and Perspective

Genesis 48: “Effed Up Family”

Genesis 49: The Words of a Parent

Genesis 50: The Choice

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