Jeremiah (Mar-Jun 2023)

Each photo below corresponds to a chapter-a-day post for the book of Jeremiah published by Tom Vander Well in Mar-Apr 2023. Click on the photo linked to each chapter to read the post.

Jeremiah 1: Certain Calling in Uncertain Times

Jeremiah 2: The Bride

Jeremiah 3: Faith-less or Un-faithful?

Jeremiah 4: Shooting the Messenger

Jeremiah 5: When to Say “Enough”

Jeremiah 6: Cross Road Blues

Jeremiah 7: The Smorgasbord of Words I Want to Hear

Jeremiah 8: “Good Luck Charm” Religion

Jeremiah 9: Mourners Need Not Apply

Jeremiah 10: The “Portion of Jacob”

Jeremiah 11: Dictates Don’t Change Hearts

Jeremiah 12: The “Boney Finger”

Jeremiah 13: The Shaming

Jeremiah 14: What I Want to Hear

Jeremiah 15: Learning the Lesson (or Not)

Jeremiah 16: A Great Day

Jeremiah 17: Scarred Hearts

Jeremiah 18: The Pertinent Question

Jeremiah 19: The Essential Ingredient

Jeremiah 20: The Man of Constant Sorrow

Jeremiah 21: Surrender

Jeremiah 22: Do the Right Thing

Jeremiah 23: The Shepherd & the Hired Hand

Jeremiah 24: Seasons of Struggle

Jeremiah 25: The Cup

Jeremiah 26: Painful Truths

Jeremiah 27: Truth or Security?

Jeremiah 28: The God In My Image

Jeremiah 29: Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Jeremiah 30: Way, Is, & Yet to Come

Jeremiah 31: A New Covenant

Jeremiah 32: Up From the Ashes

Jeremiah 33: The Journey’s End (or Not)

Jeremiah 34: Repenting My Repentance

Jeremiah 35: Profound Simplicity

Jeremiah 36: Controlling the Narrative

Jeremiah 37: Wanted: A Prophet

Jeremiah 38: Under Siege

Jeremiah 39: “D-Day”

Jeremiah 40: Faithful Tenacity

Jeremiah 41: Good Man, Wrong Job

Jeremiah 42: The Futility of Flight

Jeremiah 43: Choices and Destiny

Jeremiah 44: The Slave’s Return

Jeremiah 45: My Core Weakness

You’re all caught up! Posts will be added here as they are published. Click on the button below for easy access to other posts indexed by book.

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