2 Peter (Sep 2021)

Each photo below corresponds to the chapter-a-day post for the book of 2 Peter published by Tom Vander Well in September of 2021. Click on the photo linked to each chapter to read the post.

2 Peter 1: On Being a “Member”

2 Peter 2: The Well-Worn Playbook

2 Peter 3: Is This the End?

2 thoughts on “2 Peter (Sep 2021)”

  1. Hey Andy, nice to hear from you as always. I thought the interview went really well. I’m always curious why posts and podcasts don’t generate responses. I don’t always get it, and I confess that virtually every single day I whisper “Why am I even doing this?” Nevertheless, I’m occasionally reminded that more people read/listen than I will ever know. I just keep sowing my posts and podcasts out there like scattering seeds and trust God with the produce.

    Love you!

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  2. Thanks, Tom. I hope all is well with you.

    How did you think our interview turned out?

    Why do think more of our 80’s youths group didn’t respond. Just hoping for some wise honest feedback.


    Andy B

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