Exodus (May-Jul 2020)

Each photo below corresponds to a chapter-a-day post for the book of Exodus published by Tom Vander Well in May and June 2020. Click on the photo linked to each chapter to read the post.

Chapter 1: Of Tribe and Time

Chapter 2: “Out of the Water”

Chapter 3: The Call

Chapter 6: Spiritual Sight and Hearing Impairment

Chapter 8: A Spiritual Contrast

Chapter 9: Judgment and Judiciousness

Chapter 10: God Revealing, Then and Now

Chapter 12: Doing Something

Chapter 13: Road Trip

Chapter 14: Into the Water

Chapter 15: Music and the Blues

Chapter 16: Roughing It…Not

Chapter 17: Whining Then and Now

Chapter 18: The One-Person Org Chart

Chapter 19: Parental Covenant

Chapter 20: Spiritual Batting Average

Chapter 21: An Accomplice to Change

Chapter 22: Losing the Truth of Loss

Chapter 23: “Jesus People Very Nice”

Chapter 24: Called to the Quiet

Chapter 25: Tent to Temple to Table

Chapter 26: From Bricks-and-Mortar to Flesh-and-Blood

Chapter 27: The Church’s Blueprint

Chapter 28: God Friended Me

Chapter 29: Another Choice

Chapter 30: I Smell

Chapter 31: Sabbath

Chapter 32: Before Old Things Pass Away They Often Lure Me Back
Chapter 33: Breaking a Stiff-Neck
Chapter 34: Positively “Horny” with Light
Chapter 35: The Question that Makes All the Difference
Chapter 36: More Than Enough

Chapter 37: Worth Repeating
Chapter 38: A Lesson in the Margins

Chapter 39: Building People

Chapter 40: The Continued Exodus

You’re all caught up! Posts will be added here as they are published. Click on the image below for easy access to other recent posts indexed by book.

Click on the image above for easy access to recent chapter-a-day posts indexed by book!

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