Chapter-a-Day Numbers 33

Wings Traveling Journal Spread
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These are the camping sites in the journey of the People of Israel after they left Egypt, deployed militarily under the command of Moses and Aaron. Under God’s instruction Moses kept a log of every time they moved, camp by camp. Numbers 33:1-2 (MSG)

We were at the lake with family this past weekend. My daughters, now in their twenties, brought up memories from family vacations many years ago. “Do you remember when…?” I was asked with fill-in-the-blank events and moments from their childhood. It’s always interesting to see which memories are still quickly available to me in my brains RAM, which memories have be relegated to a partition which is difficult to access, and which memories have seemingly been written over with more recent data.

Since shortly after I was in college I began keeping a travel journal whenever I went on a trip. Life is a long journey, and I know that some things will be forgotten or written over in my brain. My journals help me remember specific times and places. They will someday allow my children and granchildren to relive where I was, what I experienced and what I felt at a specific place and time.

In today’s chapter we find Moses keeping a travel journal at a time in history that record keeping was not that easy. They didn’t pass an office supply store every few miles and the raw materials for keeping such records was an arduous task in itself. Yet here we are, thousands of years later reading about their journey and learning from it.

Today, I’m thankful for lessons learned in time and the ability to record them for the benefit and amusement of future generations.

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One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Numbers 33”

  1. 55-56 “But if you don’t drive out the native population, everyone you let stay there will become a cinder in your eye and a splinter in your foot. They’ll give you endless trouble right in your own backyards. And I’ll start treating you the way I planned to treat them.”

    It always interests me when God follows His commands with potential consequences. Sometimes the people listened and sometimes they didn’t. It’s much like parenting today. Molding a people into the society you want them to be is similar to raising kids the way you want them to be. They need to fall and skin their knee sometimes to learn the best lessons. Even if we describe what may happen to them, nothing is more impactful than experiencing the results personally. I’m glad that God gives us these lessons to learn from.

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