Chapter-a-Day Amos 8

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[You] who give little and take much, and never do an honest day’s work. Amos 7:5b (MSG)

I ran into an old teacher and asked him how things were going back at my alma mater. He shook his head with incredulity. “It’s not like it was when you were in school,” he told me. “If students put as much work into studying as they did into cheating and trying to get out of work, they’d be fine. It’s just frustrating.”

I spoke to a friend who supervises a team of workers and asked how it was at work. He shook his head with incredulity. “If only people would simply show up on time and do what’s asked of them,” he said. “I have people who work harder at getting out of doing work, than actually just getting the job done. And then, they complain about their pay.”

One of the simplest ways we differentiate ourselves along the journey is in the simple willingness to contentedly put in a hard day’s study or a hard day’s work for an honest return.

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One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Amos 8”

  1. Who give little and take much,
    and never do an honest day’s work.

    I’m a typical adult. I am now raising children and I look at what my parent’s did “wrong” with me, and swear I won’t repeat it. One thing my parent’s did teach me is that hard work pays off. I have that midwestern work ethic you hear about on the coasts. As a result, I have a hard time respecting those who don’t do an honest day’s work. I liken it to stealing from your company. The Message is a good reminder to be productive today.

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