Chapter-a-Day Amos 1

God roars from Zion, shouts from Jerusalem! The thunderclap voice withers the pastures tended by shepherds, shrivels Mount Carmel’s proud peak. Amos 1:1-2 (MSG)

There is a certain balancing act required in being a good father. A soft-sided love lived out in active affection, grace, and lovingkindness is certainly necessary. But, a hard-sided love modeled by firm justice and, at times, righteous anger is equally needed. One side without the other leads to all sorts of negative consequences for everyone.

It is sometimes difficult to wrap our arms around the God of judgement characterized by the prophets like Amos. Amos reveals the hard-sided love of the Heavenly Father. As I read today’s chapter, I could almost hear dad yelling “ENOUGH!” as every child within earshot is suddenly aware that they are in big trouble.

A loving father loves his children enough to protect them at need from their own foolishness and, when appropriate, to hand out just consequences to teach his children the error of their ways. As an earthly father, I’m flawed in finding the perfect balance, but God is a perfect example to continually seek to follow.

Today, I’m thankful for an earthly father who loved me well with both the soft and hard sides of love. I’m thankful for a God who is a model to follow. I pray I can continue to find and refine the appropriate balance with my children.

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Amos 1”

  1. I am thankful for a friend who has helped me see a different side of parenting than I had ever experienced. I’m trying really hard to implement that in my own life. Thanks Tom!

  2. 2 The Message:
    God roars from Zion,
    shouts from Jerusalem!
    The thunderclap voice withers the pastures tended by shepherds,
    shrivels Mount Carmel’s proud peak.

    I’m short on patience. Just ask my kids. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older. On a couple of occasions I have barked at my kids out of frustration and anger. Today’s verse made me think of that. God’s thunderclap voice withers the pastures……My kids have withered before my eyes when I have barked at them. Those are not proud moments for me. Ironically, even though I don’t like to bark, those moments have greatly impacted my kids too. They don’t like it, but they remember it. I’m not condoning my barking, I know better, but it helps me understand the severity of God’s thunderclap voice too. We like to focus on Jesus in our society, he’s warmer and cuddlier than God the Father. I am reminded today that God the Father wants me to mind him….not unlike my kids minding me.

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