Chapter-a-Day Amos 2

Negative campaigning
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God’s Message: “Because of the three great sins of Israel —make that four—I’m not putting up with them any longer.
They buy and sell upstanding people. People for them are only things—ways of making money. They’d sell a poor man for a pair of shoes. Amos 2:6 (MSG)

Today is election day, and I’m relieved to not have the endless political attack ads running 24/7. It’s amazing the depth to which these negative ads sink, on both sides of the aisle. In fact, I find it sad how low the level of discourse sinks. We don’t like what others think or believe, so we generlize them, objectify them, and slap on a label. That way, we can speak arrogantly, disdainfully, and feel no guilt or shame. We’ve reduced them to “things” just like the people of Israel in Amos’ prophecy.

By contrast, Jesus told us to love our enemies, even our political enemies, and bless those who run attack ads against us, make snide jokes about us, write mean and outrageous things about us. I may not agree with a person’s political views, but they are still a person of intrinsic value and worth. Jesus died for them, too.

God, help me today to love and bless those with whom I disagree.

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One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Amos 2”

  1. But they swallowed the same old lies
    that got their ancestors onto dead-end roads.

    The choices we make and the way we live our life absolutely affects our children. As I parent, my frame of reference is how I was parented. When I make decisions about my kids in extra-curricular activities I think about what I was permitted to participate in. The same thing happens with faith and lack thereof. Our decisions regarding God and worship, etc can become generational. It adds a little more importance to what we do and what actions we take.

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