Chapter-a-Day 1 Chronicles 26

 From the family of the Izharites, Kenaniah and sons were appointed as officials and judges responsible for affairs outside the work of worship and sanctuary. 1 Chronicles 26:29 (MSG)

For the past five years I’ve helped lead our little town’s community theater. It’s a great group of people and I enjoy doing shows. Audience members, however, have very little idea the sheer number of people and amount of time and energy required to put a show together for our audiences. Audience members see the actors, but they don’t see the people who did props, marketing, production, set, lights, sound, make-up, or any of a number of other tasks required.

As I read through these chapters laying out how the organization and workforce for the temple, I feel like an audience member getting a peek at the sheer breadth of work required to run the temple. As a casual reader, I think there was this big temple but you had a few priests who made the sacrifices. I didn’t think about security, upkeep, music, accounting, grounds, crowd control, and storage. Solomon’s temple was like a city unto itself. It was a major operation and required thousands of workers to keep it in operation.

Today, I’m thinking about the things I experience without ever considering all that is required to produce it. I’m thankful for all those who quietly go about their appointed tasks which ensure that I can enjoy my daily existence.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 1 Chronicles 26”

  1. They were all assigned to their posts by the same method regardless of the prominence of their families—each picked his gate assignment from a hat.

    There is something I’ve observed in the traditional church that has hurt it I believe. Often you will see leaders, or past leaders, appointed over and over again into church leadership. Over time this becomes the “prominence of families”. It can be very damaging. More importantly, I’ve seen men of God overlooked for positions of leadership b/c they didn’t always agree with the mainstream line of thinking. What a shame! It is these differences that can lead to incredible growth in the body of Christ. If we were all the same….well you know. As I have matured, I have learned to see the value in differences of opinion. I don’t always have to agree with everyone else, we can agree to disagree. The debate almost always moves things forward though.

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