Chapter-a-Day 1 Kings 7

Toms bass It took Solomon another thirteen years to finish building his own palace complex. 1 Kings 7:1 (MSG)

We live in such an instant society. We want gratification immediately. Our computers are never fast enough, and we complain when a page takes a few extra seconds. We pay extra to have our purchases delivered over night so we don't have to wait a few more days. We have microwaves to make prepared dishes so we don't have to take the time to actually cook something from scratch.

Perhaps that's why the beginning of today's chapter jumped off the page at me. It took seven years for Solomon's army of laborers to complete the temple and another thirteen years to build his own palace complex. That's a long time. In today's standards of construction, it was an eternity.

The truth is that some things do take time. My brother, the luthier, says that it takes in the neighborhood of 200 man hours to craft a guitar by hand, not counting the additional time that the guitar must sit at different places in the process. You don't take shortcuts. There are no microwave ovens for the process. It takes what it takes.

The same is true for maturity. When it comes to being a disciple of Jesus there is no "add water and stir." There is no Star Trek transporter to beam us instantly to a spot on the horizon. God is not making us into a microwaveable pot roast, he's crafting us into a finely tuned instrument. We must each press on and walk our own journey. It takes what it takes.

So, I'm lacing up my walking shoes. Today is another leg in the journey. There's a long way to go.

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