Chapter-a-Day 1 Kings 4

What we leave behind. God gave Solomon wisdom—the deepest of understanding and the largest of hearts.1 Kings 4:29 (MSG)

Along my journey, I have had the privilege of conducting a number of funeral services. Most people don't consider the task a privilege, but I've always found funerals to be an extroadinary event for individuals and families. Death is the ultimate rite of passage, and walking with a family through the traumatic event provides life lessons most people will never experience.

For example, when preparing to deliver a eulogy and a funeral message, I usually meet with the family and ask them just to take some time to talk about and tell stories about their loved one who has passed on. It can be a really tender, special time or it can be an agonizing, painful experience.You begin to learn a lot about who this person by the legacy they left behind through their loved ones descriptions.

When I read today's chapter and came to the writer's summary of Solomon, I was struck by the description that Solomon had "the deepest of understanding and the largest of hearts." Wow. That's not a bad legacy to leave behind. I'd consider my journey well traveled if my loved ones, gathering together at my passing, would describe me with those words.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickrand chuckumentary

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 1 Kings 4”

  1. He was wiser than anyone—wiser than Ethan the Ezrahite, wiser than Heman, wiser than Calcol and Darda the sons of Mahol.
    I love the little nuances of Scripture. While you may remember stories that you learned at an earlier age, the little details get lost over time. So Solomon was wise, we know that. But he was wiser even than Ethan, Heman, Calcol and Mahol? Are you kidding? Those guys were….who were those guys? Why are they mentioned in Scripture? There is likely a reason, although I’m not theological enough to know. It’s little details like this that keep the Scripture fresh for me.

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