Chapter-a-Day Judges 17

In those days there was no king in Israel. People did whatever they felt like doing. Judges 17:6 (MSG)

I still remember some of the substitute teachers that would fill in on a regular basis during my high school years. Most of them were excellent teachers, but there were a few who did not take their jobs very seriously. They did little teaching and cared very little what we did in class. They were like babysitters but with less sense of accountability. The result, of course, was not good. Students did pretty much whatever they wanted and constantly pushed the boundaries to see how much they could get away with.

One of the things I've noticed though the years is that people don't do well without leadership and authority. Given to ourselves, mankind tends to slip into the painful consequences of chaos and anarchy. One of the themes that flows in the subtext of the book of Judges is the free-for-all that resulted from the lack of a central governing authority.

Authority is a good thing, even when we don't always see eye-to-eye.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Judges 17”

  1. Clearly dysfunction is common to each generation. First, a son steals from his own mother. Next, he returns it and she quickly forgives as most enablers do. Finally she uses the stolen property to make an idol. All of this is followed by the statement, “there was no king, people did as they pleased.” Obviously! Yet, in many ways doesn’t this behavior happen today too? It may look different or be more subtle, but the dysfunction exists in any case. I love the Scriptures…they show us we’re not the first to screw up. 🙂

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