Hard Questions

One person dies in full vigor,
     completely secure and at ease,
well nourished in body,
     bones rich with marrow.
Another dies in bitterness of soul,
     never having enjoyed anything good.
Side by side they lie in the dust,
     and worms cover them both.
Job 21:23-26 (NIV)

Life is not fair.

Once again this morning I read the words of Job and the scabs of my own soul wound itch. My decision to read Job during this season is not the result of some thorough process of reason. I simply saw that it had been several years since we’ve read it and thought it would be good to revisit the epic poem. What’s interesting to me is that, at this point in life’s journey, I find Job taking me back to thoughts and feelings Wendy and I experienced in the darkest days of our journey through the valley of infertility. What I’m discovering is that it is a different facet on the same stone of suffering that Job is experienced.

Job sees a person with everything going for them cut down in the prime of life while another person lives a long life of bitterness and misery. How does this make sense?

I have asked similar questions.

I look around.
The victim of rape has a child.
The teen drug addict has a child.
The woman with no job, no husband, and three kids on welfare has another child.
The woman over there is on her sixth child in nine years.

I read God’s story.
Sarah finally had a child.
Leah finally had a child.
Ruth finally had a child.
Hannah finally had a child.
Elizabeth finally had a child.
A virgin girl had a child.

Yet, for some inexplicable reason…

Life is not fair.

Today, I find myself once again sitting with Job amidst hard questions and seeking God in the mystery of it.

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