Opening Night for “Christmas Carol”

suzanna christmas carol

Wendy, Suzanna, and I had opening night last night for Union Street Players’ production of A Christmas Carol. We all have relatively small parts. Wendy and I play Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig in the first act and I play the extremely crucial role of “Gentleman 2” in the opening scene of the second act. Between the two short scenes I am on stage all of about two minutes and utter six lines. Wendy doesn’t have any lines at all. Of the three of us, Suzanna gets the most stage time, and does a fantastic job.

Some shows you invest your heart and soul into for months on end. Other shows you squeeze into the cracks of your already crazy life. For Wendy and me, this show is the latter. Nevertheless, I stood backstage last night in costume and wig, listened to the buzz of the audience, and tip-toed around the unseen, yet carefully choreographed dance of the stage hands. It’s a place where I always feel right at home, right where I belong.

The show runs another four shows this weekend: Friday and Saturday night at 7:00, Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 2:00. Tickets still available for all shows!

tom wendy fezziwig christmas carol

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