You Heard Right…We’re Moving

Wendy Sold on Bos Lot

So, the word is out. Wendy and I have been regularly getting asked if it’s true that we are building a house. Yes, we are! Here’s the scoop:

Be careful of saying “never.” When Wendy and I bought 607 Columbus in 2005, we vowed we were never moving again. We absolutely love our cozy little brick Tudor and had planned on living here until death or old age forced us out. I even wrote a post about it a few years ago as we began ambitious plans to renovate.

Wendy and I both work from home offices and Wendy’s office has been located in a corner of the living room for years. There were a number of things we wanted and needed to make the house work for us in the years to come. We wanted to add a larger master suite, an office for Wendy and a laundry room on the main floor. For two years we embarked on several projects to shore up the infrastructure of the house, and we worked with architect Rod Curtis on a plan to put on an addition that would maintain the character of the house. It was a challenge.

As we put the plans out to bid early last spring, two things became clear. First, the plans we’d dreamed up with Rod’s help still contained compromises. It was never exactly what we really wanted. Second, the cost of the addition and renovations were much costlier than we anticipated. It just didn’t make financial sense to pour that much money into renovating and still not end up with exactly what we wanted from a space and layout perspective.

We’ve both learned over the years that God sometimes directs our steps towards places we never intended to go. There is more to the story than is necessary to share here, but suffice it to say that over the course of a couple weeks it became clear to both of us that we were being led to build rather than renovate. Things quickly clicked. We purchased a lot in Bos Landen (interestingly enough, it was owned by our church) on Utrecht Laan, hired Davidson & Goodyk, developed plans, and construction began in August. We’re planning to move into the new house in late February or early March 2015.

607 Columbus

While we are understandably excited, we also grieve saying good bye to this wonderful house. We have been working diligently on getting things ready to sell and plan to officially put it on the market in early October. We plan to start by listing it ourselves for sale by owner. I’ve also been putting together a website about the house for anyone who might be interested:


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