Nimrod Needed a Publicist

Nimrod (1939), Israel Museum collection.
Nimrod (1939), Israel Museum collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter-a-Day Genesis 10

Cush was also the ancestor of Nimrod, who was the first heroic warrior on earth. Since he was the greatest hunter in the world, his name became proverbial. People would say, “This man is like Nimrod, the greatest hunter in the world.” Genesis 10:8-9 (NLT)

One of the challenges facing the fearless wayfaring stranger wandering through every chapter of God’s Message are chapters like Genesis 10. What is the great spiritual take-away from a list of genealogical references on any given day? Face it, this life journey is a mixture of ups and downs and not every day is a spiritual pinnacle. Think about it: for every great five-star meal you enjoy in this life you have to eat a lot of bland bowls of oatmeal.

I was at first struck today by the reference to Nimrod, “the first heroic warrior on earth” and “the greatest hunter in the world.” From purely a testosterone driven, male perspective this is a really awesome legacy to have through all eternity. But then you get to the phrase “People would say, ‘This man is like Nimrod,'” and suddenly the testosterone drained out, and I imagine I’m getting bullied on the playground by Nick Greaser and his cronies calling me “Nimrod” as they de-pants me in front of the girls.

It’s the name. Nimrod. Seriously. This is why agents and publicists in Hollywood make actors change their names.

Leslie Hope < Bob Hope
Archibald Leach < Cary Grant
Virginia McMath < Ginger Rogers
Ralph Lifshitz < Ralph Lauren
Alphonso D’Abruzzo < Alan Alda
Marion Morrison < John Wayne
Nimrod < Rock Hunter, Nick Bullet, Jack Talon, etc.

Nimrod needed a publicist. I’m just saying.

I know this is not a terribly hyper-spiritual thought for your day, but as I mentioned before some days you get served up a culinary masterpiece and other days…well, you get the point.

Here, enjoy your oatmeal.

5 thoughts on “Nimrod Needed a Publicist”

  1. This paraphrase from Targum Jonathan ben Uziel may up the testosterone levels a bit:

    “And Kush begat Nimrod: he began to be mighty in sin, and to rebel before the Lord in the earth. He
    was a mighty rebel before the Lord; therefore it is said, From the day that the world was created there hath not been as Nimrod, mighty in hunting, and a rebel before the Lord.”

    There is also an ancient Jewish legend that Nimrod was a giant.


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