Chapter-a-Day Index Now Available!

Over the past six years, as I’ve been blogging my chapter-a-day journey through each book of God’s Message, I’ve occasionally had people tell me that they would like the ability to quickly reference my posts on a specific book or chapter. Because the posts are spread out across time and I haven’t exactly been logical in the order with which we’ve wandered through, it makes hunting through the categories or archives of the blog a bit of a crazymaker. There is a search feature on the sidebar of the blog site, but even I admit that a search for a direct reference will often fail to come up with the obvious, desired result.

Over the past few months my daughter, Madison, has been working on a project for me to list and hyperlink every chapter-a-day post into an easily referenced table. You can access it in at least two easy ways:

  • Follow this link and then bookmark the page for quick access from your web browser’s bookmark bar or menu.
  • Go to the main blog site and then look just below the header image at the top of the page where it says “Chapter-a-Day Index.” The index will always be available by clicking on that link.

I hope that this provides people with easier access to old posts. Please let me know if you have problems or experience a broken link.


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