Chapter-a-Day Jeremiah 41

Ishmael’s reason for dumping the bodies into a cistern was to cover up the earlier murder of Gedaliah. Jeremiah 41:9a (MSG)

In my study group, we’ve been utilizing an exercise called Morning Pages. It’s really simple. First thing, when you get up in the morning, write three pages long hand. Just write whatever comes to your mind. Keep the pen on the paper and keep writing. Don’t think. Don’t filter. Don’t stop. Just write.

One of the men in my group commented that the first time he’d done this study, when he first used this exercise, he was shocked at what came out in his Morning Pages. I understood. In my own experience of doing Morning Pages over the years, I’ve experienced the same thing. We are often unaware of what we have stuffed in the cracks and corners of our soul.

Our souls are deep cisterns. Over time, like Ishmael, we throw a lot of nasty stuff in. Then we pile stuff on top to hide the stench and cover it up. Eventually, it gets piled so deep that the flow of living water gets stopped up. Maybe there’s something seeping to the surface, but there’s definitely not a steady flow from the source. Sometimes our well clogs completely. It dries up. Morning Pages is an exercise that purges the soul and helps return the flow.

Jesus said “repent and be baptized.” What a great word picture. Purge yourself of the rotting, dead stuff in your soul, then plunge yourself into living water so that your well is filled. It’s not a momentary event, but a life long process.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and crazyfarmer

3 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Jeremiah 41”

  1. The class I was facilitating was “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and “Morning Pages” are one of the two basic tools utilized. She describes the exercise much better than I ever could. If you get a chance, stop by a bookstore or find a copy in the library and read pages 9-18. Better yet, it’s worth purchasing and going through. I’ve done it by myself, with one other person, and with large groups of people. Plenty of great exercises for creatives and artists of any kind – but especially writers.

  2. this exercise you did, was it specifically to purge or discover what was in your heart? was it putting down personal thoughts or narrative randomness? i’m curious. i have done “quick writes” at the beginning of writing classes before, but i have not heard of or tried what you’re referring to. my interest is peaked.

  3. Today’s chapter reads like a good novel. Bad guy commits atrocities, bad guy takes hostages, bad guy gets caught, bad guy escapes, people that bad guy held ransom get rescued. It’s kind of wild that all of this is listed in one chapter of the Message, in the O.T. no doubt! I didn’t garner a lot of life application today, but I enjoyed the read!

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