Chapter-a-Day Jeremiah 28

“We’ll wait and see. If it happens, it happens—and then we’ll know that God sent him.” Jeremiah 28:9 (MSG)

I was raised on westerns. Roy Rogers on Saturday morning, the Maverick brother on Sunday evening, and John Wayne movies with my dad. You gotta love a good western and the iconic showdown between two gunmen.

That’s the picture that came to mind when I read today’s chapter. Jeremiah and Hananiah, two prophetic gunslingers standing in a showdown at the temple court corral. At one end is the rugged loner Jeremiah (think Clint Eastwood as the man with no name) who stands alone proclaiming God’s judgment. On the other side is the popular, slick Hananiah (think of the card shark with the fine suit, polished ivory handled six shooters, and hair slicked back with snake oil).

Jeremiah, ever the truth teller, listens to Hananiah firing off exactly what the townspeople want to hear. Jeremiah then fires back, reminding Hananiah and the townspeople that the proof of where God stands on the issue will be evident in what eventually happens. As with all good western showdowns, the truth is revealed in the last man standing.

Through the years I’ve had others tell me that this or that is going to happen to me, or give me some direction that they say is from God. In most cases I believe that are well intentioned and I’m always willing to hear what they have to say and to test it. But, I like Jeremiah’s advice to let time and events to reveal God’s truth. My job is simply to stay tuned in to God as best I can, to be diligent to seek God in all that I do, and to take each step as I’m led. If I do that, then God will make sure that the path takes me where I’m supposed to go.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and twodolla

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Jeremiah 28”

  1. 15-16So prophet Jeremiah told prophet Hananiah, “Hold it, Hananiah! God never sent you. You’ve talked the whole country into believing a pack of lies! And so God says, ‘You claim to be sent? I’ll send you all right—right off the face of the earth! Before the year is out, you’ll be dead because you fomented sedition against God.'”

    17Prophet Hananiah died that very year, in the seventh month.

    There are so many that preach a truth that isn’t God’s truth. They can even mobilize nations with their rhetoric. Yet, when they are wrong….watch out. God’s Message tells many stories of those who went against God’s truth. It’s not recommended.

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